About Us

Jesus said, "Do you love me?........ Feed My Sheep."     

John 17:21

About Us

Jesus said, "Do you love me?.......Feed my sheep."    John 21:17 


Evergreen has taken this statement from Christ as a directive for our own lives: 

Love God with all of your strength, love your neighbors, be a light to the world, and feed God's sheep. 

From this directive and from our theopogical traditions, the call to civic engagement arises. 

Feed My Sheep.


Who We Are

Connectional Church

Evergreen Presbyterian Church belongs to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This mainline denomination speaks to our theological heritage in the reformed tradition and the structure of government under which we operate.  The PC (U.S.A.) is a "grassroots" denomination, meaning it is the work of the people in local congregations that drives the work of the national denomination.  

We have two books to our Constitution: The Book of Confessions and The Book of Order.  Both books are  informed  to the nature of God by the witness of Scripture.  The Book of Confessions is compiled of historical documents known as "confessions" made by the church throughout history.  These documents recognize the work of the Holy Spirit across time and place as the history of the world unfolds.  The Book of Order gives us guidance in areas such as worship, the foundations of the church, governing and discipline. This book offers us structure and guidelines in keeping with the reformed tradition while allowing the local body the freedom to make decisions pertinent to its function and daily ministry.

Our Priorities

Feed My Sheep:

Living out the teachings of the gospel through our Outreach Ministries



     Guided by Scripture, we seek God’s will for our lives


Teaching God's love through caring, charing, and celebrating the lives of all God's children     


As we are fed by the hand of God, so our hands reach out to feed God's people     


We may be a small church, but together we can accomplish big things     


     As a congregation, we strive to be a witness to God's renewing presence in the World

A Community of Believers

As people of faith we believe that we are joined together through the work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is our responsbility and joy to live in relationship with one another as we serve, worship, and fellowship. 

We share our lives with one another, encouraging families, supporting individuals, and nurturing each persons growth in faith. 

Our Leadership Team

Joseph Johnson

Joseph was ordained as Minister of Word and Sacrament in 1985 and came to Evergreen in November 1990.  


Sayonne  Collins

Director of Preschool Ministries

Sayonne studied Early Childhood Education at Troy University.  Having also completed numerous continuing education classes and center experience, Sayonne is well attuned to the current needs of children and their families. She comes to us in April, 2020.

Megan Clark Brezina

Director of Family Ministries

Megan Brezina graduated from the Baptist College of Florida in 2017 with a B.A. in Christian Education and Leadership.  She has served in bi-vocational Family Ministry for the last 10 years and joined the staff of Evergreen full time in July of 2019.

Rhenella Smith


Rhenella holds degrees in both Piano Performance and Music Education, and is a member of Alabama Music Teachers Asscociation. She has been at Evergreen since August 2016. 

Terry Hagler

Choir Director

Terry served as Music Director at Evergreen from 1992-2011.  He was also Choral Director at Dothan High for 16 years.  He has returned "home" to Evergreen as Choir Director in 2019.

Carol Kinney

Administrative Assistant

Carol, our Administrative Assistant, has been with  Evergreen since August 1995.  

What We Believe


Jesus Christ

Our conviction is that Jesus Christ himself must stand at the center of all our theological reflections, or we are committing the sin of idolatry. If we want to better understand the character of God, for example, we look to Jesus Christ, and he reveals that God is a God of love as well as power. If we want to ponder who we are created to be, we look to Jesus Christ and see true humanity living in perfect response to the love of God.



Our knowledge of God and God’s purpose for humanity comes from the Bible. We believe God is the creator of all and dwells in each person. We see the Creator as the guide for our lives as we try to emulate the life of Jesus Christ, God's Son. 


The Holy Spirit

On Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after Easter, Christians commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ early followers.Through the Holy Spirit, God empowers us to grow in faith, make more mature decisions and live more faithful lives.



Presbyterians believe the Bible when it says that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Unlike crime, which involves the breaking of human law, sin is a condition of the heart or an expression of that condition where we are estranged from God and fail to trust in God.



Presbyterians believe God has offered us salvation because of God’s loving nature. It is not a right or a privilege to be earned by being “good enough.” No one of us is good enough on our own — we are all dependent upon God’s goodness and mercy.


The Church

Church connectionalism is shorthand for saying that we are one body—not because we find one another agreeable or each other’s views congenial, but because God in grace and mercy has called us together. Our unity does not lie in us. Our unity is Jesus Christ.

Belief statements adapted from the PCUSA website.

For more thorough explanations of Presbyterian beliefs and the Reformed tradition visit: