Meet Our Staff

aka our teachers and best buddies!

Sophia: Assistant Director

Earning an Associates' Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education in 2005, Sophia joined the staff of EPM in 2016.  She has a daughter of her own, and loves working with children of all ages.  "It brings me so much joy to see the growth and development in a short year's time.  It is truly rewarding being a part of the Evergreen family!"

Sayonne Collins:  EPM Director

Committed to creating a strong, faith-based educational program, Sayonne began working with children as a teen in her mother's home daycare.  In working with children since college, Sayonne focuses on  educational values, sound foundational skills, and play that has a purpose.  "Working with children has always been my life's calling." 

Kim:  Assistant Director

Basing her life on John 3:16, Kim has enjoyed teaching children for over 25 years, with 19 of those at Evergreen.  With a degree in Elementary Education from Troy University, she believes that there is something special in the hearts of children and how they view the world.  "I want to fill those little hearts with the word of God!"















A place to GROW.


Teach the scriptures diligently to your children. 

Talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way,

when you lie down, and when you rise.  Deuteronomy 6:7  



Ms. Kumary

Born and raised in India, Kumary met her husband when he was there on a mission trip.  She has been a part of the EPM family for 5 years and feels she was called at a young age to be a caretaker of children.  "My goal is to continue working with children and youth through ministry."

Ms. Sharivia

Currently enrolled in Early Childhoon Education,  Sharivia has always had a passion for teaching.  Her free time is spent with her own kids as they go out "exploring."  She looks forward to some day owning her own Preschool. "Be a leader, and if you must lead, lead to greatness!"

Ms. Hannah

Working with children for 4 years, Hannah is comfortable with children of all ages.  She knows in her heart that childcare is her passion.  "Every child that comes through my doors will always be loved and cared for beyond measure!"

Ms. Cindy

Having been married for 43 years with 2 children and 6 grandchildren, Cindy is no stranger to childcare!  She has been employed in Childcare for 24 years, 12 of those at Evergreen.  Her job and every child she encounters brings joy to her heart!

Ms. Vaune

After 14 years in retail management, Vaune is currently studying Early Childhood Education.  Joining EPM in 2020 with the infants, she is looking forward to soon teaching Pre-K - 3rd grade.  "Children are a gift from God and should be treated as such."

Ms. Hadleigh

Joining EPM in 2019, for Hadleigh the love and laughs children bring is what drives her to get up in the morning!  She values kindness and positivity and is passionate about each child's progress as they learn and flourish.  

Ms. Jakia

While pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy, working in the preschool atmosphere has Jakia contemplating Elementary Education.  She thoroughly enjoys working with children as she now teaches K2 classes.  "I am strong in my faith and want everything I do to honor Him."

Ms. Mercedes

With 4 children of her own, Mercedes has seen childhoon through different eyes as she teaches instead of just raising children.  "Watching them grow not just physically but also mentally and creating a special bond is so rewarding!"   She wants to continue to work with growth and development as she studies to become a Labor and Delivery nurse.

Ms. Jameka

Jameka is no stranger to teaching, having taught dance in several studios as well as working with childcare for 9 years.  She enjoys interacting with each child in a positive way and feels that she learns from them!  Her future plans include a branding of educational curriculum under the Arts umbrella.

Ms. Receda

With 2 children of her own, Receda has 8 years of childcare experience.  She sees the rewards as each child climbs the ladder to different levels of learning.  "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him."  Psalm 127:3

Ms. Anna

 As a career Social Worker trained in Crisis Management, Anna has taken these skills to the childcare classroom.  She is active in her Christian walk and sees the world outside her front door as the mission field.  Anna creates a teaching environment full of insight, patience, and well-roundedness.  "I am but God's vessel..." Isaiah 6:8

Ms. Katie

Currently studying Early Childhood Education, Katie is also a First Responder with a local rescue squad.   Childcare has always been her passion and she looks forward to many years at EPM.

Ms. Casey

Casey is EPM's "Greeter Extraordinaire" and is the first smile the children see each morning!  She began her career at Evergreen in 2020 and looks forward to years of educating children!

Ms. Alicia

With a degree from Wallace college in Early Childhood Education, Alicia is currently finishing up studies on her B.S. at Troy University. 

She has worked with children of all ages for 6 years and is enjoying being part of  the Evergreen Family.

Ms. Alexis

As a member of the EPM staff for 3 years, Alexis has earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from Wallace College and is now pursuing a B.S. in Elementary Education at Chipola.  She loves watching children explore, grow, and have fun.  Alexis recently accepted a Title 1 Teaching position at Rehobeth Elementary and feels EPM has had a major impact on her teaching skills.

Ms. Christi

Christi's favorite teaching experience is when a child's face lights up as they process new information,  and then when they explain it back to you!  With 10 years of experience in childcare, and holding a degree in Early Childhood Administration from Wallace College, EPM has become

a second family for Christi

and her own family.

Ms. Leslie

Returning to Dothan from Lexington, Ky, Leslie is expanding her education from an associate degree in Early Childhood Education to a Bachelor of Science in Education.  Having worked in the preschool industry for 16 years, Leslie has a passion for aiding children in their educational growth as well as their love of God.  

Ms. Tiffany

With 19 years in childcare, Tiffany has worked with all age groups.  She sees that children reflect the excitement and amazement of the world through a different set of eyes.  Tiffany feels blessed to be a part of the EPM family.

Ms. Kim

​​​​​​​After years in childcare, Kim retired from EPM in 2018, but continues to assist as a substitute teacher.  Her experience was in the K3 department, but Kim enjoys working with children of all ages.